GP System

The Project:​

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GP System specialises in precision cutting tools and machine accessories.

They are experts in the precision cutting tools industry and offer a wide repository of tools from various brands.

While having a comprehensive selection allows them to serve every need of their customers, it often becomes a hindrance when selling to new potential clients. Especially in a fast paced mega trade exhibition.

Recognising this issue, GP System wanted us to create a brochure that would assist their sales personnel.

Photography, Brochure Design

Sales Brochure Conceptualisation

We worked directly with the top management at GP System to design a brochure that showcases their precision cutting tools.

A hard drive was selected as the subject because its manufacturing process requires: 

  • consistency
  • high performing, long lasting equipment
  • a good range of precision cutting tools

This created the opportunity to highlight key precision cutting tools.


First impressions last.

Loud Kitchen’s photographer was tasked to craft an image that communicates GP’s unique position in the industry – a specialist in advanced precision cutting tools. 

The blue coating was the latest technological advancement in end mills, being harder and longer lasting than previous coatings. It’s eye catching colour stood in perfect contrast while being instantly recognisable as ‘cutting edge’ technology to customers.

crafted vs uncrafted product shot