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Vivant has been a hallmark of quality of custom kitchen design in Singapore since 1989.

Website design, Copywriting

Website Design

Vivant’s website was set up in 2010 and was due for a makeover. Recognising changes in the digital space and browsing behaviors of customers and leads, Vivant reached out to us for a full website revamp.

Critical Issues identified

  • Not Mobile Responsive

Mobile phones are becoming more powerful each year. It’s not surprising that more people are browsing the web on their mobile devices.

Vivant’s original website was not mobile responsive, making it difficult to browse on smaller devices.

  • Lack of SSL

As the internet becomes more intrusive, users are starting to worry about security while they browse the web.

Although no direct sales transactions are to be done through Vivant’s website, the lack of an SSL certificate means that data exchange between users and the web server are not encrypted. This may affect the users’ confidence in browsing Vivant’s website.


The original web copy was strategically designed to rank for certain keywords. However, it was not optimised for the readers.

We were tasked to update the web copy and to create a better user experience.

After understanding Vivant’s business model and their strengths, we developed a unique voice for Vivant’s web copy.

An in-depth SEO ranking analysis was done to understand how their organic web traffic was doing and to identify any potential risks.

On top of rewriting Vivant’s copy for the web visitor, outdated pages and pages with thin content were culled.