Professional Photographers Association (Singapore)

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Professional Photographers Association (Singapore) (PPAS) is the voice for professional photographers in Singapore. 

They are a non-profit organisation, striving to improve welfare, develop skills and uplift the local photography scene. 

The PPAS runs offline workshops and talks to equip both pro and budding photographers with better business management skills. They also help to link members up with various agencies and government arms to help improve the welfare of photographers.

In order to help more photographers, the PPAS recognised the need to increase their reach via online platforms. 

Content Marketing, Copywriting

Content Marketing

As a non-profit organisation helmed by a team of busy volunteer professional photographers, the PPAS faced limitations in terms of time and money. 

Hence, we had to craft a strategic content marketing campaign for maximal impact using minimal resources.

  • Exclusive interviews with experts

The team behind PPAS boasts decades of combined experience and industry network. Using this to our advantage, we worked with PPAS to identify key industry leaders who were open to sharing their knowledge.

With the aim of providing useful information, we carried out in depth market research and crafted deep industry specific questions for every interview. 

We had the opportunity to interview top photographers, creatives and producers to provide a balanced mix of information – both from the viewpoint of fellow photographers and of image buyers.

These exclusive interviews were published as written content on PPAS’ website and Facebook page. 

  • Industry specific surveys

Having been helping photographers for over 20 years, PPAS has established a database of professional photographers and industry partners. 

We identified questions that photographers commonly ask; for example “how much to charge”, “what are the cost of running a photography business”.

With this information in hand, we reached out to relevant audience and ran surveys. The data was compiled and presented via easy-to-consume infographics.

These infographics were well received and attracted over 10k pageviews within 3 days of publication. They continue to attract organic traffic today.

  • Useful guides

Within PPAS’ team, there were several well-recognised industry experts. 

We worked with these individuals to produce in-depth guides on various topics such as “Color Management”, “How to start a photography business”, etc.

These guides then presented more opportunities for PPAS to run talks and workshops for their audience.


As part of the campaign, we crafted a tone that was suitable for the PPAS. All articles and social media posts were written in the same tone.

Organic Traffic Jan to Oct 2019

PPAS’ Organic Web Traffic Growth from Feb to Sep 2019