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Heritage Food Street is a foodcourt located at the basement of Raffles Hospital (Bugis). It is run by FM Food Court Pte Ltd which is owned by Sheng Shiong Group Ltd.

In line with their nonya themed design, Heritage Food Street offers a good variety of local delights and delicacies. 

Located within a hospital, store owners within Heritage Food Street offer healthier and tasty food options. 

However their location makes it difficult for potential customers to discover this gem. 

Social Media Marketing, Photography, Copywriting

Social Media Marketing

Heritage Food Street’s team wanted to improve their footfall and brand awareness using Facebook as the primary medium. 

We agreed that purely pushing discounts to a cold audience may not deliver the results they wanted. 

Hence, we proposed a campaign with a mix of engaging content and timely promotions for optimal results. This was to be done using three categories of social media posts:

  • Food Features

Best selling and interesting dishes were identified and featured in this series, with the aim of introducing our range of food options to the target audience.

Crafted food photos were paired with detailed taste experience and produced as captivating social media posts. 

  • Store Owner Features

Store owners and chefs of Heritage Food Street were featured in this series. We shared their story, their motivations and the inspiration behind some of their dishes. 

By connecting a personality behind the popular dishes, patrons and our target audience would develop a sense of familiarity and brand awareness over time.

  • Timely Promotions

Instead of attracting bargain hunters with discounts, we crafted promotions that encouraged followers to visit Heritage Food Street with their friends.


Crafted food photos designed for this campaign were taken by Loud Kitchen.


As part of the campaign, we crafted a tone that was suitable for Heritage Food Street. All posts and content were written in the same tone for consistency.


Other than working on Facebook, we established and optimised Heritage Food Street’s Google My Business (GMB) profile to increase discoverability.


Heritage Food Street’s Facebook follower growth from April to Oct 2019:

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Heritage Food Street’s GMB Performance as of Jan 2020:

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