Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Most business owners start a social media account hoping to “build an audience and sell to them”.

But you’ll soon realise that it’s easier said than done.

With rapid changes and short content lifespan, most end up with ‘dead’ social media accounts that don’t seem to reach anyone. Even if they post original content daily. 

We believe you can do better, with lesser.

So, before you jump into the rat race of creating content, posting frequently, monitoring response and engaging with your audience, take note of these fundamentals:

1. Bring yourself up to speed.

Every platform has its quirks. Be sure to observe and understand how users behave on the platform.

The easiest way to do this is to ask your existing customers about their favorite social media platforms. Then, start interacting with them on these platforms and observe their behavior.

Identify the type of content they share and engage with.

2. Know your ‘enemies’.

Check out what your direct competitors are doing.

This will give you an idea of:

  • Key social media platform(s) that you should be on
  • What works for your target audience
  • Latest social media trends in your industry

This hack will shorten your learning curve drastically.

3. Plan your content.

You’ll be competing against posts from your target audiences’ friends.

So make sure your content can stand out against the updates (think: cute baby photos) from your audiences’ friends.

Otherwise, rethink your content strategy.

4. Keep it real.

Today, users are savvy and have a sixth sense for inauthentic stories.

In general, people love sharing content and they don’t mind doing so even if the story is from a brand.

However, they hate being duped. Inauthentic campaigns tend to backfire. (see Cuvee Coffee’s latest campaign for a case study)

5. Converse with your audience.

People are on social media to connect and network. And communication works both way.

So don’t end up with a business account that only talks about your brand. Respond to your audience and hold real conversations.

Sounds like a lot?

Yes, we agree.

Adding these into your social media marketing process will take some time and effort, but they will give you an edge in your marketing.

However, unless you have too much time for golf, we’d encourage you to hire a good digital marketing agency or content creation studio. Focus on your building your business and leave this to the experts. After all, that’s what they do day in and day out.