Two Tall Trees

The Project:​

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Two Tall Trees is a cozy little cafe by day and delightful restaurant by night. It’s mission was to deliver “5 Star food at reasonable prices”.

Although it had everything going for it, the cafe was located at a location that had lower foot traffic.

With good coffee and comfort food as strong headliners, there was little excuse for this cafe to remain a secret.

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Would you believe it if we said that photos can induce cravings?

Well, that’s what we did via Two Tall Tree’s food image gallery and social media posts.


Promotions and Specials are common in the food and beverage (F&B) space.

To stand out, we paired our eye-catching, mouth-watering photos with a fun persona.

Content Creation

Whoever says F&B establishment will not benefit from content creation, probably has not done it right.

With the aim to anchor Two Tall Tree’s expertise in specialty coffee, we created the Specialty Coffee guide which took off in the coffee enthusiast space.

Cafe Latte

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